VTOL Fixed wing mapping drone Marlyn
Starting from €17,450 PPK-ready

Re—define Aerial Surveying.

drone wind resistance

Fly in the Toughest Winds, up to 45km/h

Surveyors deserve better than 30km/h wind limits. That's why with Marlyn you can take off, survey, and land comfortably in winds of up to 45km/h [28mph], more than any other survey drone.

VTOL drone

Operate from Any 2x2m [6.5x6.5 ft] Area

Take off like a Helicopter and Fly like an Airplane. With Marlyn you can operate from anywhere and cover up to 320Ha [790 Acres] per flight. No more finding large clear areas for belly landing!

Made in Europe

Engineered and manufactured in Europe

To ensure high-end quality and ethical trade standards, we believe in keeping things local. That’s why all of our Marlyns are designed, created, and assembled right here in the Netherlands.

How is Marlyn
helping surveyors?

Increased Efficiency

Take your data capture to the next level. Marlyn speeds up your data capture by surveying large areas up to 30x faster than traditional land surveying methods, and up to 10x faster than Multicopter drones.

Survey Anywhere

Small take-off areas? No problem, Marlyn only needs a 2x2m [6.5x6.5 ft] flat area to take off and land allowing you to be flexible in your operations. Easy backpack transport is also perfect for those heading off the beaten track.

Survey Any Time

With Marlyn 'no-go' days are turned into routine projects. You get the benefit of flying in wind conditions of up to 45km/h [28mph] at ground level, and 55km/h [34mph] at cruise altitude resulting in up to 30% more days per month.

Absolute Accuracy

Accuracy is king in the surveying world. Attain accuracies as low as 1cm [0.4in] with Sony’s 61MP, full-frame A7RIV combined with Topcon's PPK module, an Aerial surveying match made in heaven!

Marlyn Cobalt survey drone
Marlyn Cobalt survey drone


Dedicated Survey Sensors

Marlyn’s sensors are modular, meaning they're swappable in minutes. A variety of RGB and specialty sensors are available to suit your project requirements.

Select from the available sensors to view dataset examples
RGB Camera
Lowest GSD:
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RGB Camera
Lowest GSD:
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How does Marlyn help you fly more?

Referencing localised weather data, Marlyn's Wind Benefit Calculator shows you how many more days in a year Marlyn can operate compared to competing products**
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On average,
Marlyn can operate:

In the last 365 days on the selected location
Days More
Than a standard VTOL fixed-wing drone*


There may be no data available for this location or the location was entered incorrectly.
Calculations based on climate model data provided by visualcrossing.com.
*In the past year, based on the average performance of competing products.
**Individual performance and results may vary.
Advantages of Topcon PPK

Reduce time and cost with PPK.

With your integrated Topcon PPK, you can quickly survey areas down to accuracies as low as 1cm without the time-consuming placing and use of Ground Control Points, and without the need for a constant data link between the aircraft and the ground.
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Get results easily with the right software.

Developed with ease of use and Data Quality in mind, your in-field operation software Navigator and geo-referencing Geotagger will allow you to get survey-quality data without all the hassle and inaccuracies typically associated with certain mapping drones.

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drone surveying software


Take-off & landing area

2 x 2 m [7 x 7 ft ] required

Set-up time

5 minutes

Autonomous flight


Take-off and landing


Emergency procedures

Automatic (configurable)

Cruise speed

65 km/h [40 mph]

Wind resistance

Take off: 45 km/h [28 mph] /

Cruise: 55 km/h [34 mph] /

Landing: 45 km/h [28 mph]

Max flight time

50 mins*

Pre-flight checklist

Integrated intelligent checklist in Atmos Navigator

Temperature range

-10°C to +40°C [14°F to 104°F] (Above 35°C operating restrictions apply)


Not required with optional PPK module

Drone Type
Hybrid (VTOL & fixed-wing)
Weight without payload
5.7kg [12 lbs] (incl batteries)
Max payload weight
Up to 1 kg [2.2 lbs]
Built in safety lights
2 Navigation lights, 2 Anti-collision lights — 1km [0.6 miles] of visibility
1.6 m [5.2 ft] (detachable wings)
4 electric motors
Telemetry module range
Default EU radio range 7Km [4.3 miles] LOS
Ingress protection
IP54 — It is not recommended to fly in fog, rain and snow
Payload options
RGB (Sony A7RIV, A7RIII, A7C), Multispectral (Micasense RedEdge-P, Altum PT)
Included accessories
Backpack, 2x battery sets, charger, remote control, Navigator modem, maintenance kit
Durable structural EPP with carbon fibre frame
Atmos Navigator
Marlyn's flight planning and telemetry software
Atmos GeoTagger
Marlyn's geo-referencing software
Marlyn Update Center
Marlyn's firmware upload software
Operating system
Photogrammetry software
Compatible with Pix4D, Metashape, SimActive, and more
Input files
.KML, .KMZ, .GeoTIFF, .MBTiles, .WMTS
* Depending on environmental conditions

Frequently Asked

Are Marlyn's radio transmissions encrypted?
Marlyn's telemetry modem is AES encrypted, which prevents other parties nearby incidentally sending commands to the autopilot at any time it is turned on.
What is the Visual Range of Marlyn? (operational visibility)
On a clear day, Marlyn has been tested to be visible with the naked eye at a range of approximately 2.5km. This figure varies with environmental conditions and sight range of the user.
In what languages do you offer support?
We provide manufacturer support in English directly from our engineering teams during European Business hours and also globally through our Distributor Network in local hours and languages.
With what base stations are you compatible?
Our Topcon PPK module has full compatibility with all GNSS base stations that offer Rinex 2 / 3 or SBF formatted outputs. For other output formats, an intermediate conversion step is all that is needed. Most equipment suppliers will supply a conversion software for free online.
Do you provide custom sensor integrations?
Due to the requirements of a fixed-wing drone, it is not possible to quickly integrate custom sensors for single projects. However we always welcome the feedback of our users for new sensor integrations, so feel free to get in touch with your suggestions and we will be happy to investigate its feasibility for current releases..
Can I use my existing Sony/Micasense sensor in my Marlyn?
If your existing sensor is either MicaSense RedEdge-MX, RedEdge-P, Altum, Altum PT, Sony RX1RII, A7R4 or A6100, you can purchase a 'sensor-ready' payload module at an additional cost on top of the base price. Get in touch with us directly or with your local reseller for more info.
What is the lead time for delivery?
The expected delivery time for Marlyn is 4 weeks after receipt of first payment instalment, which is subject to change based on our order consignment. Please inform your Atmos representative or reseller if this is in conflict with your project schedule.
Which countries do you currently ship to?
Those countries with a reseller can ship from their local resellers office, otherwise we also ship direct from the Netherlands to all countries around the world.
What is included with Marlyn’s bundle?
The main components are: Marlyn VTOL drone (ready to fly), sensor including lens and accessories, Navigator planning and ground control software (+ unlimited updates), protective transportation backpack, two sets of flight batteries and a dual battery charger, radio modem to connect your laptop/tablet with Marlyn, remote control, user manual and in-field maintenance kit.
Are you planning to integrate different sensors in the future?
We continuously improve our platform through different R&D projects based on the feedback we get from the customers. Additional payloads, such as a LiDAR sensor or more cameras are currently in development (will be integrated in the future depending on the demand). Let us know if you have any specific preferences!
Can I plan more than one mission in the same flight?
Yes. It is possible to plan a large area, then 'start from previous' after landing and replacing the batteries.
What are the maintenance requirements?
Every 50 hrs. of flight time, superficial checks on the propellers, bodywork, and moving parts are required, which can be easily performed by the user. Periodic inspections can also be done by Atmos’ engineers by sending us the flight data at regular intervals. Every 100hrs the aircraft is required to be serviced by Atmos’ engineers. This can be adjusted by sending our engineers your information on the flight data as we may determine that the 100hrs check is unnecessary.
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