We’re passionate about Innovation.

Our Mission

Advance Technology

At Atmos we believe in constantly pushing to disrupt the status quo. Therefore the features of Marlyn are at the forefront of technology, such as VTOL, innovative software features, high wind resistance, and advanced sensor fusion.

Empower Industry

Marlyn's innovation is what allows our users to constantly push the boundaries of what is previously considered possible. To go further, capture more, and to extract the most value out of each minute of the day.

Sustain the Environment

It is our collective responsibility to preserve the environment. Marlyn aids this by minimising waste of project resources, reducing the number of people and equipment onsite. Marlyn can help your firm reach its sustainability goals.

About Atmos

Atmos is a technically advanced geospatial scale-up, backed by a team of young, innovative, and dedicated problem solvers, based in Leiden, the Netherlands.
Our passionate team is driven by the desire to advance new technologies which empower industries to plan for the future with accuracy and precision.

We specialise in high quality, industry standard surveying and mapping VTOL drones, capable of operating in even the roughest weather conditions.

Management Team

Ruud Knoops
Sander Hulsman
Dirk Dokter
Head of R&D and Certification
Joost Bouman
Head of Production and Logistics

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