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Turning geospatial data into actionable insights

See more, fly more, and do more at a higher accuracy than any other VTOL drone.

Photogrammetry VTOL mapping drone Marlyn
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Marlyn VTOL fixed wind survey drone

Drone surveying in the toughest winds, up to 45km/h

With Marlyn you can take-off, survey, and land comfortably in winds of up to 45km/h [28mph], more than any other survey drone. Try our Wind Calculator to see how many days more you can survey with Marlyn in your area, and read more about drone surveying in high winds.

Wind Calculator
VTOL drone

Take-off and survey from any 2x2m area

Take-off like a Helicopter and Fly like an Airplane. With Marlyn you can operate from anywhere and cover up to 320Ha [790 Acres] per flight. No more finding large clear areas for belly landing!

Photogrammetry data with survey-grade accuracy

To keep your customers happy, the best survey cameras from Sony and Micasense combine with our high-end Topcon PPK and a market-leading autopilot to give you accuracies as low as 1cm.

Made in Europe

EU Engineered and Manufactured

To ensure high-end quality and ethical trade standards we believe in keeping things local. That’s why all of our Marlyns are designed, created, and assembled right here in the Netherlands.


Versatility engineered

By taking off and landing anywhere and containing a full sensor suite, Marlyn is there for whatever type of project you need it.

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Achieve cm-accurate Land Surveys, Topographic Analyses, Cadastral Maps, and more.
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Accurate as-builts, construction progress monitoring, volumetrics, distance measurement with Marlyn.
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Transforming the operation of your mine site, with quick inventory management and hazard identification.
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Reforestation, population monitoring and control, ecosystem development, all possible with Marlyn.
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Maximise the yield and output of your crop with Accuract NDVI/NDRE measurements with Marlyn.
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