& Infrastructure.

Boost Site Efficiency

Flying above your site, Marlyn can capture land survey data up to 5 times faster than multirotor drones, and up to 8 times faster than traditional terrestrial survey methods, saving your project valuable time and costs.

Smart Corridor Mapping

Is your site a railway, pipeline, or a highway? No problem! Smart corridor mapping technology allows you to accurately and easily plan a flight in long linear flight lines without sacrificing time, accuracy or safety.

Get Complete Datasets

From volumetrics to progress tracking and 3D site models, the demands on data for a site are massive. Fortunately a Marlyn survey consists of millions of data points, allowing you to meet all your deliverables in one flight!

Attain High Accuracy

Marlyn is a measurement tool first, and a drone second. This means each design detail has been optimised to maximise the precision of your output data. This means cm-accuracies each time you fly. Don't settle for less!

Flight Time:
1.76 cm/px
140 m
Images have been heavily compressed for online viewing.
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Frequently Asked

Do you provide custom sensor integrations?
Due to the requirements of a fixed-wing drone, it is not possible to quickly integrate custom sensors for single projects. However we always welcome the feedback of our users for new sensor integrations, so feel free to get in touch with your suggestions and we will be happy to investigate its feasibility for current releases..
What is included with Marlyn’s bundle?
The main components are: Marlyn VTOL drone (ready to fly), sensor including lens and accessories, Navigator planning and ground control software (+ unlimited updates), protective transportation backpack, two sets of flight batteries and a dual battery charger, radio modem to connect your laptop/tablet with Marlyn, remote control, user manual and in-field maintenance kit.
Which post-processing software can be used for photogrammetry?
The geo-tagged images captured by Marlyn can be analyzed with your preferred post-processing software (e.g., Pix4D, Agisoft, etc). Atmos UAV can also provide you a complete bundle with post-processing software included.
Is the software compatible with Windows?
Navigator and Geotagger can run on most modern Windows tablets or laptops. The minimum required operating system is Windows 10.
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Do you have special requirements?

We continue to be surprised by the breadth of different applications which are suited to Marlyn. That's why we're always happy to provide a free consult about your unique survey requirements to see if there's a fit. Click below to get in touch!

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