Construction Surveying

Marlyn provides data for a major overhaul of an industrial site

Tuesday, December 18, 2018
Every construction site comes with its own challenges when it comes to planning, documentation, and monitoring. All these challenges can now be addressed with the use of drones, which not only provide safer operations for both people and equipment, but do so with high cost effectiveness.

For this project, an accurate visualization of the whole area with high resolution was needed for a complete overhaul of an industrial area in the Netherlands. The owners wanted to inspect the rooves (for damages and solar installations), perform volumetric analysis for a pile of sand that needed to be removed, and have an overview of roads and buildings’ facades.

The use of drone surveying in this type of projects not only provides great time savings in terms of operations, but also ensures the safety of surveyors (since no staff is needed to manually inspect the rooves).

To that end, Marlyn, equipped with a 20MP SONY UMC-R10C, performed a single 15-minute flight at 115m and captured 241 images with a GSD of 2.5 cm to produce a 3D model of the area.

The detailed outputs produced by Marlyn's captured data provided vast information for the site, that will drastically improve the planning and budgeting of the overhaul. Watch the video below of the generated 3D model.