ATMOS signs a reseller agreement with AlphaGeo in United Kingdom

Monday, May 11, 2020
ATMOS, the Delft-based drone manufacturer that develops high-end VTOL fixed-wing drones for surveying and mapping, has signed a distribution agreement with AlphaGeo in United Kingdom. With this new collaboration, AlphaGeo will offer Marlyn drones to local professionals, and provide them with training, support, and first-line maintenance.

Founded in 2013 in Faringdon (Oxfordshire), AlphaGeo is the reselling brand of Geo-4D Ltd geo-consultancy and survey group. The British team resells professional fixed-wing and multirotor UAVs, UAV sensors, survey equipment, and software. Their product assortment is used in a wide range of applications from surveying and agricultural, to marine and environmental.

“AlphaGeo only sells and hires products and software that we use ourselves” said Brian Critchley, Director at Geo-4D. “In that way our customers can be confident that any product purchased through us has been tried, tested, and is fit for purpose. Marlyn surprised our team with its flexibility and accuracy, and as such, it definitely has a place in our assortment.” he concluded.

Marlyn surprised our team with its flexibility and accuracy, and as such, it definitely has a place in our assortment
Brian Critchley, Director at Geo-4D

“We are really enthusiastic with this collaboration“ commented James McLachlan, Business Developer at ATMOS. “AlphaGeo (and Geo-4D) has a highly experienced team that carry out projects in many different applications for many years. Being chosen by them is another sign that our platform is built to perform and exceed expectations”, he added.

Being chosen by AlphaGeo is another sign that our platform is built to perform and exceed expectations
James McLachlan, Business Developer at Atmos UAV

Marlyn is the first fully autonomous hybrid (VTOL & Fixed-wing) drone for mapping and surveying. With its patented design that combines the best of both worlds, Marlyn can take-off vertically from anywhere,and map fast and efficiently producing high quality outputs for professional users. It is the only drone (uav) in its class that is built to perform in harsh and windy conditions, while its easily swappable multiple payloads provides operators with an unprecedented flexibility.

Illustration of a Marlyn Drone flying over Faringdon, United Kingdom


Founded in 2013, ATMOS is a Delft (NL) based company specialised in the design and production of high-end aerial surveying and data collection drones that  enables professionals to effortlessly gather geospatial data and make accurate and informed decisions.

The flagship drone model Marlyn has a worldwide unique design that combines the high performance of a conventional fixed-wing aircraft with the flexibility of multirotors. With their patented technology, the company targets mapping, construction, mining, agriculture, environmental and related applications. To facilitate the fast growth of the company, ATMOS is currently attracting new talent to expand the team and scale-up the production.

Locations: Molengraaffsingel 12-14, 2629 JD Delft, The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0) 15 744 0321

About AlphaGeo (Geo-4D Ltd.)

Geo-4D is an independent geo-consultancy based in Oxfordshire, UK, established in 2013. The team specialises in advanced remote sensing, data integration and 3D data services. The core staff experience combined with a hand-picked suite of the best software available enables efficient and effective workflows, delivering accurate, cost effective and flexible solutions.​

Geo-4D works on data from marine, terrestrial and aerial sources, supporting a wide range of projects in sectors including the energy sector, engineering, subsea communications, mining & aggregates, construction, renewables, agriculture, hazards &risk, environment & conservation, as well as site restoration &development.

Locations: Unit 5a, RAC Estate, Faringdon, Oxfordshire, UK, SN78LA
Phone: +44 (0) 1367 243203