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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

The set-up for motor/propeller testing has to meet the twin conditions of speed and accuracy. The engineering requirement was to measure power dissipation in the drivetrain given known power input and known rotor speed (rpm) measurement. The challenge for the Atmos' engineers was to achieve highly accurate measurement results while keeping the test time for each motor/propeller combination as short as possible.

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Atmos UAV expands its camera options and launches new software

Achieve GSD and accuracy down to 1cm and conquer any project!

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Drone company Atmos UAV has just expanded its camera options. Through multiple R&D projects that lasted almost 3 months, Atmos' engineering team optimally integrated additional cameras that are now available for their customers. Furthermore, the team also launched the newest version of MarLynk, the flight planning and ground control software provided with every Marlyn unit.

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Next-generation mapping drone raises capital for further expansion

Drone manufacturer joins forces with Dutch technology investment fund

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Delft, July 3th 2018. Drone startup Atmos UAV has closed it's next investment round with investment firm Disruptive Technology Ventures (DTV). Atmos has developed an industrial drone that is a clever crossover between an airplane and a helicopter. The drone can already be found flying all over the world to help professionals in mapping large areas of land. The series A of undisclosed amount enables the startup to further scale up their distribution, product development and support organisation. DTV, the fund of amongst others Ad Scheepbouwer (former CEO of TNT) and the founders of cybersecurity leader Fox-IT (Ronald Prins & Menno van der Marel) will support Atmos by fuelling growth and international roll-out.

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