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Do you provide custom integrations in case I already have a sensor?

If your existing sensor is either MicaSense Altum, MicaSense RedEdge-MX, or Sony RX1RII, you can purchase a Marlyn unit without a sensor included. Our technical team can provide you with guidance and support on how to easily do the integration.

What is the lead time for delivery?

The expected delivery time for Marlyn is 4 weeks after receipt of first payment instalment, which is subject to change based on our order consignment. Please inform your Atmos' representative if this is in conflict with your project schedule.

Which countries do you currently ship to?

We ship worldwide from the Netherlands or through our local distributors.



What is inside Marlyn’s bundle?

The main components are: Marlyn VTOL drone (ready to fly) with electronics and autopilot. Preferred sensor including lens and accessories. MarLynk planning and ground control software (+ unlimited updates). Protective transportation backpack (or flight case). User manual and in-field maintenance kit. Two sets of flight batteries and a dual battery charger (including balancer board) MarLynk modem (antenna) to connect your laptop/tablet with Marlyn for uploading flight plans and tracking. Remote control and beacon tracker (transmitter + receiver). Training on how to fly Marlyn (max 2 persons, excluding travel expenses).

Are you planning to integrate different sensors in the future?

We continuously improve our platform through different R&D projects based on the feedback we get from the customers. Additional payloads, such as a LiDAR sensor or more cameras are currently in development (will be integrated in the future depending on the demand). Let us know if you have any specific preferences!

Which post-processing software is used for the data analysis?

The geo-tagged images captured by Marlyn can be analyzed with your preferred post-processing software (e.g., Pix4D, Agisoft, etc). Atmos UAV can also provide you a complete bundle with post-processing software included.

Can I plan more than one missions in the same flight?

Yes. See also the walkthrough video for more information.

Is the flight planning and ground control software compatible with Windows?

The software can run on any Windows tablet or laptop. The suggested operating system for MarLynk is Windows 10.

What happens in case of low battery level?

Our in-house developed flight planning and monitoring software provides the user with real-time information during the flight, such as: position, altitude, battery consumption, wind speeds, project progress, and more. Therefore, if Marlyn’s smart power board recognizes any inconsistency, it initiates its predefined safety routine to land automatically at the take-off location.

How long does the battery last?

The battery consumption depends on the weather conditions and time spent in hover or cruise. Marlyn is designed to fly up to 50 minutes in optimal conditions.



What are the maintenance requirements?

Every 50 hrs. of flight time, superficial checks on the propellers, bodywork, and moving parts are required, which can be easily performed by the user. Periodic inspections can also be done by Atmos’ engineers by sending us the flight data at regular intervals. Every 100hrs the aircraft is required to be serviced by Atmos’ engineers. This can be adjusted by sending our engineers your information on the flight data as we may determine that the 100hrs check is unnecessary.

Do you offer demonstrations?

Yes. Everyone who is interested in seeing Marlyn flying, can request a demonstration via submitting a quotation request (please also mention “demo” in the text box).



With what base stations are you compatible?

Our (Septentrio) PPK module has full compatibility with all GNSS base stations that offer Rinex 2 / 3 or SBF formatted outputs. For other output formats, an intermediate conversion step is needed. Most equipment suppliers will supply a conversion software for free online.

Is the flight planning and ground control software compatible with Windows?

The software can run on any Windows tablet or laptop. The suggested operating system for MarLynk is Windows 10.




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In what languages do you offer support?

We provide 24/7 manufacturer support directly from our engineering teams. General support languge is English.


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