In order to fulfill the needs of professionals across all industries, we designed Marlyn to be versatile. To that end, depending on your industry and project requirements, you can choose the preferred payload that maximizes your surveying capacity.
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Cliff and rock formations (3D models)

Site planning

Keep track of mining equipment

Contour maps

Slope analysis

Marlyn, as a VTOL drone, enables you to perform a survey from above, eliminating the need for surveyors to move around in the pit, minimizing the corresponding downtime and greatly improving the safety of the surveyors.

Marlyn can be rapidly deployed, making it possible to generate a precise (3D) model within hours rather than days or weeks using traditional surveying techniques. The system is launched with the push of a button, making it very easy to generate the data. In addition, the vertical take-off and landing capability of Marlyn ensures safe landings in a small designated area, regardless of surface roughness. Operators no longer have to worry about damaging the drone during landing.

Marlyn can provide 3D maps and visualizations of an area faster and much more efficient when compared to ground-based surveys. Fewer man hours are needed to create larger and more accurate data sets, resulting in reduced costs.

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