In order to fulfill the needs of professionals across all industries, we designed Marlyn to be versatile. To that end, depending on your industry and project requirements, you can choose the preferred payload that maximizes your surveying capacity.
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Environment / forestry

Detection of pest infestations

Quantify moisture levels & tree crown condition

Analysis of wildlife damage

Reforestation planning

Aerial images have been used in environmental monitoring for decades to perform a variety of tasks. Using drones to capture image data enables operations to be planned with flexibility and on short notice compared to manned aviation, ensuring that imagery is quickly available. Marlyn operates at low flight altitudes below the clouds so you always get the clearest images possible. Moreover, the quiet and energy-efficient electric motors are not only environment-friendly but also reduce the impact of noise on humans and animals.

Marlyn is controlled from the ground by a laptop and is able to take-off and land vertically like a helicopter, making it possible to deploy from densely vegetated areas. Equipped with a high-resolution camera and a built-in GPS the digital images captured by the system are automatically geo-referenced, which means that they are precisely aligned with existing geographical coordinates. This enables the creation of 3D models and/or orthophotos of the mapped area.

The combination of infrared aerial and NDVI (normalized difference vegetation index) photos produces images that can be used to measure intrinsic tree characteristics related to plant health, growth and biomass.

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