Drone Operation

No, you don’t need any previous flight experience. The system has the ability to fly and map autonomously and the vertical take-off and landing process is automated as well. However, the flight operator has the ability to manage the process manually at all times. A pre-flight checklist is provided that will guide you through the process step-by-step. Want to ensure your pilot handling skills? We can provide you and your team with flight-training! 

The vertical take-off process is fully automated and can be initiated by a single push of a button. The system only requires 2 x 2 meters for take-off and landing. The drone operator can manually manage this process if required. A pre-flight checklist is always provided to make sure the system takes off safely.

Swapping the batteries is a matter of seconds. Recharging a fully depleted battery will take between 60 and 90 minutes, depending on the power source.

Our product is designed to comply with the highest safety and quality standards in the field of aerospace engineering. To ensure maximum flight safety, the Atmos Drone System can adequately abort it’s horizontal flight by shifting to stationary hover mode to secure a safe and controlled landing course. In addition, the Atmos autopilot supports a robust Fly-to-home button and allows the (pre-)allocation of Safety landing zones.

Yes! The system will be deployable in wind conditions of up to 6 Beaufort. In the case of rainfall or snow, the system can safely continue flight and initiate the landing process.

The Atmos drone lands vertically in a designated area of 2×2 meters. The landing process is fully automatic, safe, and controlled. The process can be managed manually if required.

Combining vertical and horizontal flight is Atmos’ core technology. Our drones take off vertically and shift into horizontal flight at the predetermined height. Our autopilot provides a fully automatic transition, but allows the operator to stay in control. Our transitioning technology has been researched, developed, and optimized for more than four years, in close collaboration with the Delft University of Technology.

Purchase & Service

Atmos UAV Atmos Mission Planner software is included with the system. This software enables you to carefully plan and manage your flight-plan. Photogrammetry software (Agisoft, Pix4d) can be provided as an add-on according to your preferences.

For land surveying, mining, and other mapping applications a 24.3 MP camera is equipped on board the drone. A multispectral/infrared camera will be used for precision agriculture or forestry applications.

The following is included with your purchase (basic):
– Drone with 24,3MP camera
– Interface (modem) for connection with laptop that is needed for telemetry
– 2 sets of batteries with a battery-charger
– Atmos Mission Planner software
– Protective travel-case and spare parts for small in-the-field maintenance

The system can be further upgraded with a 36,3MP camera and/or a PPK module.

A one-year warranty is included with your purchase. A product service package is available as an add-on. This includes yearly check-up and system maintenance, and updates for the Atmos Mission Planner software. Additionally, our support team is ready to answer your questions anytime!

Yes. The system will be ready-to-fly when you receive it. If desired, we can provide you and your pilots with our flight training program.

Maintenance can be done by the Atmos support staff of your local Atmos Authorized Distribution Partner. In addition to our own maintenance manuals, we provide specifically designed maintenance manuals for drone operators. We can also provide support with setting up operational manuals.

Specifications & Applications

Currently, the Atmos Drone can be used in a wide variety of mapping applications, such as: land surveying, precision agriculture, mining, and forestry. Feel free to get in touch to discuss how we can tailor our drone technology to your specific needs.

Our product is designed to comply with the highest safety and quality standards in the field of aerospace engineering. The airframe is made of high quality EPP which results in an affordable lightweight structure with a high structural integrity and strength.

We provide free Atmos Mission Planner software with every system. This software is developed by Atmos to ensure optimal flight planning. Using your own photogrammetry software is possible.

The highest GSD (ground sample distance) achievable is 1.5 cm. The relative and absolute accuracy is directly related to the GSD: A higher GSD means higher accuracy. The accuracy is between 1-2 times the GSD.

The wings of the system can be removed to fit in our transport case and will be accepted as check-in luggage at all airlines.

Weight4.5 kg
Recommended Payload500 g
(max. 700 g)
Range60 km
Endurance60 min
Weather LimitUp to 6 Bft & Rain Proof
GSDUp to 1.5 cm
Typical Take-off & Landing Area2 x 2 m

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