Land Surveying

Digital Elevation Models

Boundary Surveys

Topographic Surveys

As-Built Surveys

Resource Mapping

Site Planning



Volume calculations for stockpiles or fill material

Cliff and rock formations

Up-to-date orthophotos with a high ground resolution

generation of ground plans, sections and perspectives

Site planning

Contour maps

Slope analysis

Track mining equipment

Precision Agriculture

Identify problem areas in a field

Refine fertilization

Optimize pesticide input

Control crop irrigation

Estimate crop yield


Measure plant growth

Measure extend of vegetation and the production of biomass

Early detection and assessment of pest infestations

Determination of moisture levels

Determine the extend of dead wood

Tree crown condition

Analysis of water, snow, hail storm and fire damage

Locate and position the extend of damage caused by wildlife

Reforestation planning

Marlyn’s Specifications

Forward flight

Range Up to 60 km
Weather Limit Up to 6 Bft & Rain Proof
GSD Up to 1.5 cm
Typical Take-off & Landing Area 2 x 2 m
Marlyn maps 1 km² in 30 minutes with a GSD of 3 cm.

  • Atmos UAV

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    2629 JD, Delft

    The Netherlands