Unmatched performance and unprecedented flexibility

Small unmanned aircraft are ideal for gathering information and capturing data in all sorts of fields. ATMOS UAV provides complete aerial observation solutions for a wide variety of sectors and organisations. We deliver to commercial and governmental customers that dictate high reliability and safety requirements.

Our core product line, the AU-series, is an observation platform that uniquely and effectively combines the flexibility of multirotors with the high performance of fixed-wing aircraft. The vehicle is extremely flexible in operation and can be equipped with customized sensors to meet the demands of challenging applications.

Flexibly deployed from practically every location

Our systems only require a small space for take-off and landing. Furthermore, these maneuvers can be performed completely controlled and automated.

Stationary observation

The AU500 can hover at a fixed position in the air, allowing high quality stationary inspection of any object or area.

High performance flight

Wing borne flight is much more energy efficient. It allows our systems to fly 3x faster, 10x further and 4x longer than conventional drones.


Unprecedented flexibility

Multicopters are practical to operate as they can take-off and land vertically. The ability to perform stationary hover flight makes them very suitable for steady aerial observations. However, these vehicles only have a limited endurance and performance.

Fixed-wing aircraft on the other end are aerodynamically efficient and do offer an increased cruise speed, range and endurance. However, they require additional equipment and operations for take-off and landing and are less suitable for steady observations.

The AU500 combines the best of both worlds in a compact and portable system. The vehicle can perform tasks suited for rotorcraft as well as for fixed wing aircraft, allowing it to operate in more applications and reducing the operator's total cost of ownership.


Compact and portable

The design is lightweight, compact and easy to store. It is small enough to be transported by a single person and is ready to fly within minutes.

The system does not need a takeoff or landing strip or any additional launching mechanisms.


Weather proof design

Our products are designed and manufactured according to high aviation standads. This ensures high reliability and safety and facilitates compliance with regulations. Furthermore, we design for compatibility with potentially harsh conditions in the operating environment. Compared to conventional quad-rotors of similar weight and size, our system is able to withstand stronger winds.


Long range (video)data link

The system is equipped with an exclusively developed communication system that makes it possible to stream live video and data over a long distance. To minimize the risk of unwanted data leakage, possible privacy infringement or hostile takeover of the aircraft we ensure that all communication is encrypted up to state security level.

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