Three reasons to fly with Marlyn


Take-off and land like a helicopter

Take-off and land like a helicopter

The minimum take-off and landing area required is only 2 x 2 meters

Fly like an airplane

Fly like an airplane

Marlyn’s aerodynamically optimized wing maps up to 10x faster than multirotors

Marlyn maps 1 km² in half an hour with a ground sampling distance of 3 cm

Belly landings belong in the past

Belly landings belong in the past

Marlyn makes accurate and controlled vertical landings

Marlyn offers the best of two worlds

By reliably combining helicopter flexibility and fixed-wing performance, Marlyn maps more land in less time, with the accuracy you need. Marlyn maps 1 km² in 30 minutes with a GSD of 3 cm.

Her ultimate goal is to give professionals across all industries access to the skies, enabling them to further increase their business effectiveness by gathering data in a safer and more efficient way.

Marlyn is ready to fly with you!

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Marlyn can easily be deployed from any surface.
This enables her to be used in a wide variety of surveying applications.

Land surveying



Precision agriculture


Marlyn optimizes your entire workflow

1. Flight planning

The ATMOS flight planning software allows you to easily and automatically generate the most efficient flight plan for your project. Define the boundary of the region you want to map, specify the ground resolution and overlap and you’re ready for lift-off!

2. Capture your data

Due to Marlyn’s unprecedented flexibility she can be deployed from any location by a simple push of a button – no additional accessories or actions are needed to launch and recover your drone.

During flight you will stay informed about relevant flight parameters and status information, such as position, height, battery level and image capturing progress. The in-house developed autopilot continuously monitors the flight data measured by the onboard sensors to guide Marlyn and optimize her flight.

As operator, you will remain in control with different intervention options at your disposal. Depending on the situation you can instruct Marlyn to hold position, return to home, land or take-over control manually.

3. Process your data

After a controlled landing at the indicated landing spot, the captured data is automatically organized and imported into your preferred image processing software.

This post processing software transforms the data captured by Marlyn into an orthophoto, digital surface model, point cloud or other output that is compatible with a wide range of industry software suites.

4. Analyze your data

The generated (3D) models can now be used to provide actionable insights by measuring distances, performing volumetric analyses, taking cross-sections and more.

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